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Furnished Apartments For Rent Montreal

What a wonderful adventure you are embarking on! You will live in Quebec for several months and now need to learn what is available in furnished apartments for rent Montreal. This can be a daunting task and you will certainly need help. Let the experts with Gesthab be your guide and find the perfect home for your stay.

A lengthy stay in a standard hotel room would be impossible to bare; you want a real home with all the comfort and convenience you require. Our studios, one and two bedroom luxury apartments will provide all that you need and make your stay magnificent. Every venue offering furnished apartments for rent Montreal are beautifully decorated and include state of the art electronics and appliances.

After a short conversation with a Gesthab reservations agent, we will begin to learn about you and your needs. Then we will present several options for your approval and selection. For a single occupant you may choose a studio apartment will full kitchen and luxurious bath. Each furnished apartments for rent Montreal are spacious and have an open concept design.

Perhaps you will need room for family. A two bedroom, two bathroom furnished home offers plenty of room for children and a great space for family to gather. Best of all, furnished apartments for rent Montreal from Gesthab are completely outfitted from top to bottom with everything you could ever need. There is even a full size washer and dryer in each apartment.

High quality furniture includes name brand mattress sets in queen or king size. Plush bed coverings and linens will welcome you to bed at the end of a long work day and provide a wonderful nights sleep. Relax in a deep hot soaker tub and wrap yourself in plush towels; just like a fine spa, you will be pampered into relaxation. Every furnished apartments for rent Montreal includes the finest linens.

Enjoy the city's many dining options and experience the best food in the world during your stay. Every ethnic variety is available and you will soon find your favorite restaurants and bistro's. If you prefer to dine in, the kitchen in your furnished apartments for rent Montreal has all the house wares you will need arranged neatly in beautiful cabinetry

A wonderful full size refrigerator, range and microwave oven can be chosen in a contemporary stainless steel finish if you desire. Dark wood cabinets and hardwood flooring are popular with many guests and can be found in many furnished apartments for rent Montreal with Gesthab. Always clean and contemporary all dishware, glassware, utensils, cookware and small appliances are provided. If you need specialty items or additional house wares a Gesthab agent will be happy to fill your requests.

Take some time and browse our many furnished apartments for rent Montreal venues and choose your favorite. Then contact our agents by phone, (800) 251-0702, or e-mail and put Gesthab to work for you.